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Peering Policy

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wecode (AS56951) adopts an open peering policy, facilitating peering connections with networks present on mutual exchange points in compliance with the following policies.

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wecode adheres to industry standards to ensure secure peering sessions. This encompasses the implementation of industry standard practices and best common practices, such as BCP-38 and route filtering. It is expected that both parties have appropriately configured route-sets or AS-SETs, as well as up-to-date prefix maximums defined in PeeringDB. wecode will utilize this information to filter routes received from the network's BGP sessions.

Having an up-to-date NOC contact email is essential for both parties, ensuring prompt responsiveness to raised issues and concerns.

Private Interconnection (PNI) Requirements

In the event that the network exceeds 1Gbps of traffic exchange at a specific shared location, either party has the option to request a Private Network Interconnect (PNI). We support single or multiple 10G or 100G connections. Timely upgrades to the capacity are necessary to ensure smooth and congestion-free traffic exchange.

Important Notices

In order to uphold operational excellence, we retain the following rights as part of our Peering Policy:

  • We maintain the ability to modify our peering policy and peering requirements at any given time.
  • We retain the right to accept or decline a peering request at our discretion, without limitation to any specific reason, at any given time.
  • In the event of a severe quality of service issue, such as the detection of high latency, packet loss, or jitter patterns, we reserve the right to suspend peering connectivity without prior notice. Furthermore, we may take necessary traffic engineering measures to ensure the maintenance of service quality.
  • We retain the right to selectively withdraw prefixes from public Internet Exchange Point (IXP) fabrics as necessary in order to safeguard the quality of our services.
  • We reserve the right to terminate any peering connection without prior notice at any given time.

More details on PeeringDB at